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Main Boulder Library and on Zoom

June 25 5pm Walden Ponds

Archaeology and living skills of the Indigenous peoples of the Great Plains

July 2


You can get access to presentation recordings by becoming a paying member, then contacting us to request password

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Community Outreach/Advocacy
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Community Food Share
Second Tuesday of each month  @ 2:00-4:00 pm

Boulder Creek Festival/Boulder Pride
Join us in 2023

Memorial Day Weekend and June 11

Boulder Atheists' Adopt-A-Road Trash Pick Up (Baseline Road)
July 23rd  10am

Colorado State Advocacy Team (American Atheists)

Second Monday of each month 6pm

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Social Gatherings


Boulder Lunch/Dinner

Tra Lings or Viele Lake at noon on Thursdays

Visit Meetup for details on monthly dinner

Longmont Lunch/Dinner


Visit for details


Watch Meetup for next date

Star Party
Watch Meetup for next date

Summer Solstice Celebration
June 25

Walden Ponds 3:30-8pm

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