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Colorado Secular
advocacy team

American Atheists Organization

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Sponsored by the American Atheists, this group promotes a greater level of engagement by secular

community advocates with state and local governments.

American Atheists has produced resources that assist with state and local advocacy by tracking and analyzing state laws, providing model legislation, warning about dangerous campaigns by Christian nationalists, and providing data about nonreligious people and communities to better allow local advocates to communicate the importance of these issues.

See AA Scorecard for Colorado:


Members will learn to directly engage in state advocacy work by:

  • tracking & analyzing bills using a bill tracking program

  • connecting with legislators to build relationships

  • encouraging lawmakers to support or oppose specific bills

  • tracking campaigns by Christian nationalists

  • submitting oral/written testimony to lawmakers

  • encouraging grassroots outreach through action alerts

  • presenting secular invocations


Come check us out over the Summer/Fall.  If you want to join our advocacy, we ask that you commit to tracking one legislative session (Colorado session runs Jan-May). 


Find our Meetup events

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What can I do to advocate?

There are many things you can do on your own in the comfort of your home:

Click here to see how a bill becomes law in Colorado

  • Monitor bills in my state- You can track bills that interest you by clicking here

  • Connect with my legislators- You can reach out to your legislator(s) and ask for a personal meeting as their constituent or attend a town hall.  Click here to find your legislator(s).

  • Education & training- Click here to learn about Christian Nationalism and advocating for Separation of Church & State.

  • Write an op-ed – Write a letter to your local newspaper or favorite social media sites about the importance of church/state separation to raise awareness in the general public.

  • Secular invocations- Deliver secular invocations at State and local levels.

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