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Bill Tracking 2022 Session

The Colorado Secular Advocacy Team (COSAT) tracked the following bills during the CO State Assembly legislative session from January - May 2022.  Bills are supported or opposed through written/verbal testimony by our team members.

Bills Opposed

Prohibit Discrimination COVID-19 Vaccine Status    FAILED

Parent's Bill of Rights    FAILED

Prohibit Discriminatory Practices In Schools    FAILED

Protecting Human Life At Conception    FAILED

Induced Termination Of Pregnancy State Registrar    FAILED

Abolishing Abortion In Colorado    FAILED

Income tax credits for non-public education    FAILED

Employee Exemption COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement    FAILED

Ultrasound Video Demonstration In Sex Education    FAILED

Paper Ballot Fraud Countermeasures    FAILED

Standards For Immunization Requirements    FAILED

Bills Supported

Reproductive Health Equity Act    PASSED

Affirm Parentage Adoption In Assisted Reproduction    PASSED

The Vote Without Fear Act    PASSED

Repeal Of Infrequently Used Tax Expenditures    PASSED

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