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Broomfield FISH (Fellowship In Serving Humanity) is in need of bags of snacks for kids.  They have snack bags in their "Marketplace" and families in need with kids ages 2-18 can take a bag for each child.  The snack bags bring normalcy to families during a tough time.  If kids can bring snacks to school, they have them.  If kids have friends over, they have snacks.

Items to Collect for Snack Bags:

Juice Boxes/pouches                                                 Oatmeal Packets

Cookies                                                                        Crackers

Chips                                                                            Granola Bars

Cereal Bars                                                                  Microwave Popcorn

Fruit Cups (applesauce)                                             Fruit Snacks (gummies, roll-ups)

Mac and Cheese Cups                                               Trail Mix

We will try to include 8-12 different items in each snack bag.  Single serving items work best.  Please check that all items are within expiration, in their original packaging, non-perishable and the seals unbroken.


12:00 – 2:00 pm

Sunday, December 15, 2019                                               



Boulder Public Library -Meadows Branch


Go to and sign up for what you would like to bring. 

Please RSVP on and bring your donation with you to the event and help us assemble the bags together. 


Find a store where you can get snack items in bulk for low cost.  If we get 8-12 people who each bring 50 snack items, we will be able to assemble 50 snack bags. 


The assembled bags will be delivered to Broomfield FISH after the event. 


If you cannot make the event but would still like to donate, bring your snacks or money donation to the Nov. 17 monthly meeting. 

You can also donate money directly for the event by clicking the button below.  Leave a note on PayPal that this donation is specifically for "Snack Bags for Kids".



Hope to See You there!!

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