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Types of Atheism- What type of atheist are you? Share your experiences.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

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Patrick L
Patrick L
30 apr. 2020

Gödel's Second Incompleteness Theorem states that nothing can be known or tested outside the axioms of a system. If the universe is our system and God is assumed to be outside the universe, how can we claim to be strict materialists / atheists? Seems unscientific.


23 mrt. 2020

I'm what's called religious humanist or religious atheist. We don't believe in god but we like the ritual of a community gathering and the support it gives. We are not afraid of music and singing and we like presentations (known as sermons in church) that challenge us to be better people. And we love coffee hours.


18 mrt. 2020

This was a open discussion presented in February.

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