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The Boulder Atheists is a community of atheists, secular humanists, agnostics, scientific naturalists, rationalists, freethinkers, Brights, and other non-theists in Northern Colorado. Members of the group live in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette, Broomfield, Superior and surrounding communities in the greater Denver-Boulder metropolitan area. The group is a diverse mix of conscientious individuals including business professionals, parents, teachers and students, entrepreneurs, and retired individuals who seek to live ethical and moral lives using evidence-based reasoning and science.

As a group, the Boulder Atheists wish to promote the understanding and acceptance of atheism with public education, good deeds and public activities. Although we welcome members who wish to discuss the subject of non-theism, our main goal is activism and community. To see a sample of our previous meetings and events, visit our Past Events page.

People often ask: "Why does one join a group like the Boulder Atheists? In other words, why take the last step in the journey of understanding the material Universe and our place in it and publicly admit you are an atheist?" Our answer is that you will understand why we are involved when your child comes home from a public school with a religious article or idea they received from their teacher. You will also understand when you are a member of a "State" organization such as the military or a federal, state, or local government department and are forced to participate in denominational prayers. When you observe the human rights violations and discrimination that take place around the world when there is no separation of religion and government, then you will know why this group is here.

Another question that people ask is, "Why use the word, 'Atheist'? Why not something less provocative such as secular humanist, materialist, Brights, or rationalist." No matter what name we use, fundamentalist religious groups and others will denigrate us for our world view. Atheists describes us: people who do not believe in gods or supernatural forces. One of our goals is to remove the stigma from the word "atheist" and to make it acceptable within a society full of religious prejudices.

The Boulder Atheists is a all-volunteer organization that relies on its members to plan, organize, and realize activities for our community members. Please forward suggestions to info at boulderatheists dot org or post them to the Ideas section or Message Board on our Meetup group. Boulder Atheists is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Colorado.


Membership in the Boulder Atheists is open to anyone who identifies with a non-theist, naturalistic world view. Dues are $30 per year.

You can now contribute through PayPal (available soon).

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